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There are 4 good reasons to use our service:

1. Our prices are the same or lower than if you book direct.

2. You will get frequent fisher discounts on all future trips.

3. Since we do not own the lodge we  are able to give unbiased advice.

4.We can book just about anywhere and we specialize in fly fishing.







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We are a small, thoughtful travel agency that provides fly fishing enthusiasts with affordable fly fishing vacations to remote areas of the world (as long as there is good fishing there!). We cover the well known, the not so well known and give straight advice about what to expect on a particular trip and how to be best prepared for it.  (Our pledge)

Why use a small service like ours? It never costs any more than booking directly with a  destination, in fact with our frequent fisher program it may cost less, it is our job to compare destinations for you and speak openly and honestly about each one and last, we can book anywhere even if it is not on this web site.  We work for you, we have no special interest in one particular location and we will give you the honest pros and cons of each destination.  Working directly with a lodge you will get the natural bias that comes with the territory. It is great that each lodge thinks they are the best,  but are they the best for you and your group?  That is where we come in.  We will work with you finding the right location at the right price. Still do your own research, but keep us in the loop and together you will be assured of the right choice.  If there is a special price for a destination you will get the same price through us,  the key is the group effort.

For example: you want to find a saltwater trip for you,  your daughter (who fishes a lot),  your wife and  another couple (they don't fish), you would like a guide some days but want to fish on your own other days -  where should you go?  I can zoom in on a half dozen properties for you with one conversation.  Want trophy rainbow trout on a dry fly not streamers or eggs?  We will recommend the right time of the season and the right location to make it happen.  Want to wade for permit?  Sight fish for tarpon? On a budget trip to Belize?

As guide's we don't send  people to a new destination expecting more than that destination can offer.  It would be a nightmare for the guide having disappointed clients for the week.  We may do less business in the short run that way by not promising the moon, but in the long run  our clients will book again and again.  For those folks who do travel often, we offer incentives for your fishing habit.  The more you travel with us, the cheaper it gets!

Please take time to explore this web site or simply drop me an email.


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Ed Blank's Adventures on the fly

fly fishing in Kam
Florida Keys - Tarpon Anonymous a full service all inclusive trip based out of Hawk's Cay in the Middle Florida Keys
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Great Alaska Lodge is the perfect getaway for everyone in your family.  Located on the Kenai river with several wilderness camps make it it perfect for avid fly fishermen while their families can enjoy the glaciers and sights of Alaska
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El Pescador - Remote camp on Bonefish Island now open!
El Pescador has purchased three remote islands and has set up a spike camp for guests who can't quite get enough fishing!

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Featured Destinations

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These premier Alaska float trips out of Katmai National Park still have some spaces available for 2011.
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Xcalak, before its too late. Not many people fish this area each season and the fishing shows it.  Lots of easy to fool permit and bonefish, well easier to fool permit.....
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